The CS Project

The Company’s CS Pozzolan-Perlite Project is in Esmeralda County, Nevada, USA, and covers large deposits of pozzolan and perlite.

The staking of the Project claims was first announced in November 2016 and since then the Company has moved quickly to complete a concept study, a substantial programme of exploration and extensive laboratory testing.

Work carried out to-date includes mapping, trenching, drilling of 34 reverse circulation drill holes in two phases and extensive laboratory testwork for both pozzolan and perlite production.

This has resulted in the definition of extensive deposits of volcanic tephra and tuff meeting the requirements for High Quality Natural Pozzolan (HQNP) in the Tuff Zone and in the eastern part of the Main Zone, along with deposits of perlite in the eastern and western areas of the Main Zone which also have pozzolanic properties.

An additional area of HQNP, the Northeast Zone, presents a large additional target currently only defined by one drill hole and surface samples.

The CS Project offers the opportunity to develop production of two separate industrial commodities in the same project area. 

In the Spring of 2018, after completion of the 2nd drill programme, a strategic decision was made to move into the mine permitting process with baseline studies now completed. A preliminary permitting study indicates that the project can be permitted with an Environmental Assessment (EA) rather than a lengthier Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The Project has now moved into a more advanced stage. Mine planning is complete. Testing and marketing Memoranda of Understanding have been signed with two separate buyers of perlite and discussions are underway with cement companies interested to secure new sources of natural pozzolan.

Bulk sampling has been completed to supply both perlite and HQNP for commercial-scale testing.

A 100-ton bulk sample of HQNP has been mined and supplied to a potential large customer and has been successfully processed producing a HQNP meeting the requirements of the American standard for natural pozzolan, ASTMC618.

An 8‑ton sample of perlite has been crushed and sized at SGS in Canada and a 2-ton sample has been successfully expanded to a horticultural grade perlite pursuant to an offtake Memorandum of Understanding already in place.

The Company expects to be mine ready in third quarter of 2019.

Extract from CS Project Concept Study

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Coarse grade expanded perlite from CS drill hole 17CSRC3
Coarse grade expanded perlite from
CS Project drill hole 17CSRC3