Jackson Wash Project, Nevada

The Jackson Wash Project is 16km away from the Company’s NewPerl Project in Nevada. These claim blocks were originally part of the NewPerl Project but for permitting reasons have now been split out into this separate project. Test results on reconnaissance samples have thus far indicated a significant perlite target for horticultural grade perlite.

The best samples come from a perlite flow that outcrops more or less continuously over a length of 1.6km with a width averaging 150m and a vertical projection of up to 10m from its immediate surroundings. Other perlite flows within this claim block have yet to be sampled.

In October 2021 Sunrise entered into a lease/option agreement with Kinross Gold U.S.A Inc. (“Kinross”) granting Kinross a Lease and Option to purchase the Company’s 25 Jackson's Wash mining claims in Nevada, USA (the “Claims”). Sunrise retains the right to mine perlite on the Claims during the lease/option period. Further details can be found in the RNS here.

Ridge-forming perlite Raw perlite Horticultural grade expanded perlite

Ridge-forming perlite in foreground and
stretching off into middle of photo

Raw perlite from Jackson Wash Horticultural grade expanded perlite
from Jackson Wash