Hazen Pozzolan Project

During the year, the Company applied for claims to cover a deposit of pumice near Hazen in Nevada.

Pumice is currently mined in the US as natural pozzolan and was mined as a lightweight aggregate at Hazen in the 1960’s from a shallow open pit on our Hazen claims.

This is potentially a second deposit of natural pozzolan for the Company and initial strength tests have shown 7 and 28-day strength results very similar to the CS Project natural pozzolan.

The material is very lightweight and so it will also be evaluated for its potential; as a lightweight aggregate for use in lightweight concrete blocks and facing stones as well as a natural pozzolan.

The deposit is very well located, being just 9 miles from a rail siding with good road and rail connections to Reno and to the cement and ready-mix markets of northern California, and so can be more readily targeted at these markets than the CS Project.

Further work is required to determine the extent of the deposit although indications are that the pumice extends several hundred meters beyond the limits of the existing open pit.