NewPerl Project, Nevada

The NewPerl Prospect is located about 85 miles from the CS Project and was discovered using the same technology that lead to the discovery of the CS perlite and pozzolan deposits.

The Project mining claims contain two key targets where surface samples have shown excellent expandability results for horticultural grades of perlite. In one of these areas, perlite has been found along a 200m wide flank of a 1km long ridge with up to 80m vertical relief.

The second target area is a small knoll (the Knoll Prospect) where high quality horticultural grade perlite protrudes from the surrounding alluvial plain over an area 150m by 150m. Whilst small in area, similar material occurs as float over a wide surrounding area suggesting that similar material is found under shallow cover in the area surrounding this knoll.

The Company now has a bonded work programme approved by BLM to allow for an initial drilling and bulk sampling programme at the Knoll Prospect.

NewPerl Project Area Horticultural Grade Expanded Perlite from NewPerl Project
NewPerl Project Area, Perlite Hillock
in Immediate Foreground
Horticultural Grade Expanded Perlite
from NewPerl Project